Four misfit vampires band together to face Eddie Van Helsing, ex-boyfriends, and unemployment.


In Atlanta Vampire Movie, Carmilla (Chelsea Rhea Howard) inadvertently infects Ron (Carl Childers), Fang (Elena House), and Corey (Jevocas Green) with her vampirism.  Unaware of their condition, these three misfit vampires hysterical misadventures illuminate the sudden changes in their nature.  While attending a support group recommended by Dr. Acula (Stan Bowman)for what was thought to be a medical condition, the three connect back to Carmilla and learn the truth of their new existence.  Cast out by Martin (Edward Solis) and the old vampires, pursued by the determined Eddie Van Helsing (Ace Talkingwolf), Ron and Carmilla seek to maintain some humanity and lead their ménage through the challenges of vampire life in the modern world. 

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Projected World Premiere 


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